ABB Supplies Systems For New Icebreaker Being Built By Finnyards

The Finnish Board of Navigation (FBN) recently ordered a new multipurpose icebreaker from Finnyards, the shipbuilding company formed by Rauma Yards and Hollming. The vessel will be used for icebreaking in the winter and will be chartered to Ugland Offshore A/S of Norway during the summer for duties in the North Sea oil and gas fields. The vessel, valued at about $135 million, is scheduled to be delivered in March 1993.

Asea Brown Boveri Marine (ABB), Helinski, is providing the diesel-electric propulsion system for the icebreaker. ABB's cycloconverter system will be installed aboard the vessel to drive two Aquamaster-Rauma Z-drives (fixed-pitch propellers). Power for the entire plant will be provided by four Wartsila Vasa 32 diesel engines and ABB Marine alternators will supply AC power to the whole vessel.

The vessel was designed to accommodate the offshore operational needs of Ugland Offshore as well as icebreaking capabilities. It will have a speed of eight knots in 2.6-feet of Baltic ice and is designed to operate in Arctic ice up to 5.9 feet thick. This vessel will replace two of the oldest icebreakers operating in the Baltic, the Tarmo and Hanse. These two vessels are now almost 30 years old. For more information about ABB Marine's propulsion systems, For more information about the services and facilities of Finnyards,

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